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This site provides legal information for the public as well as the legal profession. There are associated links to case law, News Articles of legal interest, locating your representatives, upcoming bills in legislation and much more. Make this site your starting place for legal information and place to seek and find help for your legal needs, both public and professional.



Sorry, we do not offer legal advise, but we can get you in touch with those who not only provide legal advice, but will represent you in your legal matters. Follow the links to attorneys that are listed in our online ATTORNEY DIRECTORY, and learn how to contact them directly, speak with them and obtain their legal services for any of your legal needs, to include probate, family law, child custody and support, criminal defense, trademark, bankruptcy and other civil and criminal matters. Feel free to browse our site and gather information about the legal system and some of the "WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW" information before you are caught up in "THE SYSTEM".

You will find interesting information within this site through our and others online publications and public interest links, and we invite you to browse. Bookmark this site and visit often. Please, if you are in need of legal service, consider contacting one of the attorneys listed in our ATTORNEY DIRECTORY. It is through their participating support that this site and it's public interest links and online publications are being provided for your information.

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